Beautiful Berlin

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Day 1

After a long drive from Holland to Berlin we finally arrived at the Waldorf Astoria, our hotel for the following four days. After a quick check in at the gorgeous hotel lobby we went to our suite to get changed for diner. It was a very large suite with a lot of big windows what gave us a perfect view of this beautiful city and a on the roof bar, a bathroom made out of marble and of course a perfectly made-up king-size bed, yay!  After the long drive we were starving and decided to just walk through the city to explore a little and to find a place to eat. Not far away from our hotel we found a lovely Italian restaurant called ‘Ristorante Nuovo Mario’. The food was tasty and we could sit outside underneath a heather. It is a simple, but typical Italian restaurant and is located along a small side road with lots of passers. It gave me a cosy feeling. Because it was already pretty late we decided to walk back to our hotel. On our way back we quickly grabbed a cocktail in a very busy cocktailbar. Not the best one, but it’s always nice to end a good day with a drink.

Day 2

We started our day with a crazy good breakfast in our hotel. As you probably know I am a real breakfast addict, so seeing this variety of different foods literally made my heart jump. Once done, we drove to the city centre. This day we planned the more touristic stuff. So we walked to ’Checkpoint Charlie’, the parlement ‘Reichstag’, through the small park located next the parlement to ‘Branderburger Tor’ and  ‘Pariser Platz’. We made some stops at different coffee spots to get some sweets and lunch. On our way back we made one more stop at the ‘Maje’ shop where I bought a very nice dress. I fell in love with this dress when I saw a woman wearing it when I was in Versailles, France. When I found it in Berlin I had to buy it! I very much liked this second day at this city and all the things we saw. I have a crush for old architecture, so seeing these old buildings and history was amazing. We ended this day with some fresh sushi.

Day 3

Just like yesterday we kick started our day again with a wonderful breakfast at our hotel. I heard and read good references about the Sunday market in the ‘Mauerpark’. I love markets, especially in other countries, so going here was a must-do for me. I can tell you, a MUST-SEE for you! This place is heaven. As soon as you walk into the big park you feel the gypsy, free spirit vibe! Everywhere are people singing or playing live music. People are lying in the grass, having a picnic or dancing. The actual market is the best! It’s partly a market where they sell handmade craft, jewelry and new goods. The middle part is the food and drink market. They sell organic, vegan and vegetarian foods and drinks from all over the world. I went mad! I ordered a few small dishes from different stands and they were all devine! The last and biggest part of the market is the furniture and flea market! You vintage lovers eat your heart out! You can absolutely find your treasures here. From old silver cutlery to shoes, bags, clothes, animal skins, and much more! They also sell new furniture, for example unique tables made out of an one piece tree. After this breathtaking experience we drove to the ‘Berlin Wall’. Also one of my bucket-list things. I loved it, the paintings are beautiful and the history and actually being here felt very special for me. After this stunning day we drove back to the hotel and decided to chill down a bit with a drink on the roof bar. This roof bar is also the view from our suite, so cool! After some drinks in the sun, we got changed and went to the ‘25Hours Bikini Hotel’ just across the street from our hotel. On their rooftop you find an organic restaurant. They serve the food like tapas and is super tasty and ofcourse healthy! We ate quinoa salad, sweet potato fries, edamame beans, stuffed aubergine and hummus. Yummy! At the other side of the entrance of the rooftop you find the bar with an outside area and also a prefect city view where you can have a drink or cocktail. Obviously we did spent some more time here. The cocktails here are amazing!

Day 4

Started the day as usual, well not that usual, because this kinda breakfast is not that usual. Sorry guys, I just loved it too much I think. After filling my stomach with love we drove off to the city centre again to do some more shopping. First we went to ‘Galeries La Fayette’ and we found this French Boulangerie division called ‘LeNôtre’. O my sweet god! They sell here the most beautiful éclairs, macarons, sweets and pastries. We of course ate a lovely pastrie and had some tea and coffee. If you like sweets, I really recommend having a shopping break here. They also have a lot of other divisions with for example cheeses, bread, exotic fruits, meat, alcoholic drinks and delicatessens. After some clothes shopping here, we went back up to the wine and champagne division. We had a glass of champagne and bought a special bottle of champagne as a souvenir. After spending quite some time here, we drove to ‘The Store x Soho House’. Also a spot I absolutely wanted to visit. The Soho House is a luxury hotel with a wonderful view and next to it is their clothing store including an organic lunchroom and hairsalon. This place is also one you should visit when you go to Berlin. The lunch we had was really yummy and this whole place is just one piece of creativism. Loved it!

After ‘The Soho House x Store’ we drove to the Michelberger Hotel, because I had seen beautiful photo’s of it online. Next to the hotel you find a wall with a gigantic beautiful wall painting showing four girls. It’s four times the same girl from other angles. We found out that a part of the the Berlin Wall is just across the road, so if you go to the Berlin Wall, stop by at this hotel. The Michelberger Hotel is indeed a stunning place. It’s layed back with a chill vibe. The hotel has a beautiful outside patio where you can have a drink and again vegan, vegetarian and organic food. With other words Berlin offers so much to (must)see!

We drove back to the hotel and since we had nice summer weather we decided to go for a walk through the ‘Zoologischer Garten’. This park is also directly located across the street from our hotel. It’s a very big and beautiful park with a zoo in the middle. In the park you find lots of spots at the water to drink and eat. The food you will find at these spots are mainly typical german. Also here lots of live music and a relax and welcoming vibe. After our lovely afternoon walk we chilled-out at our suite with some sushi we bought at La Fayette and ended the day with one more drink at the lovely rooftop of the 25Hours Bikini Hotel.

Day 5

Our last day, so also our last perfect breakfast here. I also make myself always a lovely breakfast as you can see here on my blog. But when it’s already prepared in a way you love it, it’s even better. Behind our hotel is another very long shopping street and you will find here the big ‘KaDeWe Warenhaus’. A big shopping warehouse with luxury brands. We had lunch at this street and drove back to Holland.

I hope I could share my enthusiasm about Berlin with you, because I think it’s a beautiful city with a lot to offer! Again, I am very thankful to be able to visit Berlin and to take it off my bucket list.


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